Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Spring Basket Swap Blog Hop

Hello Crafty Peeps!

Haven't been on here in quite a while... I took the plunge and joined yet, another swap (My 2nd one.... so far L.O.L.) Today you'll see the goodies we've all received... If you're just visiting me.... Thank you very kindly but if you want to hop along then you'll want to start at:
SBS http://simplybettystamps.blogspot.com/

Welcome to the Spring Basket Swap; not too many rules after you've been paired up and seeing what their "crafty style" or "likes" were just fill up your parcel box or envelope with as much goodies you can to reach $25 (or more if you WANT to.) Betty Roberts drew up a cute little gal riding her bicycle and shared it with those that joined the swap so we can make a card for our swap buddy. Okay my Swap Buddy is Corinne Jones :) If you follow us on Simply B Stamps' Fan Group you'll know she's an interesting gal... (heehee) We all like to "mess" with Corinne every now and then. Corinne is a very special gal to us at SBS she seems kind of feisty like that mad cat you see pictures posted of everywhere... but she's really very nice, very caring, very helpful, always on point and very talented. You can say she's like a ice cream crunch bar; all hard and nutty on the outside but soft and mushy inside... heehee O:) She claims my name is what was left at the bottom of the list and she had to get stuck with someone... but I know she "loves me" LOL at least a little bit... she picked the names... she could of easily "swapped" a buddy right?... so yea... HA!

Look at ALL of my goodies!!! YIPPEE!!!
Thank you so very much Corinne!!!
I put away all of my Hershey Kisses with Almonds because well... I didn't want to share with my kids or my hubby. LOL

Here is the the other side of the bucket she colored and altered the box. 

OMG!!! She hooked me up with 5 COPIC markers. Woohoo!!!
This is what I got for Corinne... I'm such a slow worker and with 4 kids... I let her know that
I'm sending her my personalized items on a separate box but went ahead and sent her
her crafty goodies so she can play with them.
Hopefully she likes what I chose for her. 

I asked and Betty gave me permission to swap heads for this particular card.
The original image is the one with black hair (which is supposed to be ME in this card and the red haired is supposed to be Corinne LOL.) 
 My hubby "surprised" me with a Silhouette Cameo for my 30th birthday (on April 15th) yay!
That flourish cut is one of my first cuts... I hand colored it to make it more fun.
I hand drew and hand colored the stone path and grass since I couldn't find 
a background scene to fit my gals on their bikes. 

Here is another surprise for Corinne's Hubby Ronnie, since he shares his birthday with me...
(Happy belated birthday)
I hope it wasn't too bad... and it was my first painting in many many years... 
so please forgive that I'm quite rusty... 
I used my Liquitex BASICS Acrylic paint set to paint this portrait of Corinne. 

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Next up is lovely Miss Tanja Charles @ http://craft-teeinthecity.blogspot.com

Thanks for stopping by

Katya Bess