Friday, September 17, 2010

Butterfly on a child's hand

My inspiration, my little Jade!
This card I made today. The idea came when the power went out since last night... the transformer on the post blew out argg... lol... I missed my electronics... (ie computer "internet"and my Cricut.) But since I couldn't use my Cricut I went through some of my Arts and Craft books and got the butterfly on hand idea. Well the idea really came from a picture I took of my daughter the beginning of this year when we made a trip to the California Academy of Sciences and something which reminded me of this picture today is from "The Pop-Up Book" page 76, by Paul Jackson. I didn't make it quite a pop-up card like on the book but I did add some dimension by slightly bending the fingers and bending the butterfly. The hand I actually made it by coloring my daughters hand with a Marvy Uchida Brush Markers and used her hand as a stamp. The butterfly I misplaced the cardboard that it comes with the makers name... so I can't really say who made it... but I did buy it from Michael's sorry about that... I also added some foam mounting dots for more dimension.
Here is the card from the side. I didn't want to quite copy the entire thing from "The Pop-Up Book" so I made it into an easel card and got the idea from:
My 3 year old daughter says, 'I love you, I missed you, Bye bye, See you tomorrow!" whenever particular family members are leaving from a visit. I thought it would be really cute on a card for her Great-Granny. Heehee I love her she's so funny. I'll make this card for the other few family members too.
That is a "custome" stamp I purchased from someone on Ebay. I added a little something something on how the card was made too.


  1. wow a post!!! keep them comming!!!

  2. Its really beautiful sis good job

  3. Really nice card. Love the hand with the butterfly in it.

  4. Que bonito prima :), muuuy bonito :)

  5. thats pretty cool actually! nice work.

  6. what a beautiful card - love that the stamp was your childs hand - what a keepsake for whomever receives your card. awesome job - thank you for the inspiration!!

  7. What a wonderful idea! Gorgeous Easel card.
    Hugs and smiles


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