Saturday, December 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Hector

Hi Everyone,

Just posting the card I made for one of my little brothers. I made it on my cricut I still have to work on proper measurements so the pop up cake can look better when it's open. I guess there is a die out there but I'd rather do it on my cricut. Just need some practice and some adjustments I guess. One of my first errors that I made today was that I made it with cardstock and it's well lets just say it's too stiff. lol so then I had to work with thin scrapbook paper instead- worked much better on the mobility (the pop up part). Well, Hope you kind of like it- It's had working on male cards for some reason.

Good night- Have to get some rest and wake up early for church. Good night and blessings to everyone.



  1. what a cute card :) i believe the recepient will love it :)


  2. This is very clever! and thank you for 'having a go at spot the difference! you can have as many goes as you like!


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