Monday, November 11, 2013

The Queen of Halloween's Birthday Bash

Hi Everyone!

Hopefully everyone is having fun hopping along for Betty's Birthday.

If you're coming from the very sweet and friendly Berenice's blog, then you're in the right place. If not then you'll want to start at the amazing colorist Corinne's blog. Here is the card I created using the image Tamara creator of The Stamping Chef drew specially for this event. THANK YOU SO much TAMARA.

You can also get here here:
she'll be on sale for a couple of days so make sure to get her ;)

Dance to Thriller and the Monster Mash
It's The Queen of Halloween's Birthday Bash!
May the love and warm wishes of friends so sweet
Make you sing and dance like Happy Feet.
A blog hop with a digi just for you
Hope you don't mind we've
invited everyone from TSC crew and SBS too! 

Happy Birthday to you Betty Boo! 

Next up is Darcy but if you get lost along the way here's the blog hop list:

Bonnie Pruss, Cynthia Cole, Cat Sexton
Irene Sherman

Sian Hillman

Ruza Rebel

Katrina Benton

Jackie Rakoski

Sam Slater


Roz Wolfe


Sheri Scraps

Lisa Howell

Wendy Billings


Jackie Randolph

Tanya Johnson

Vicky Fortier

Rhonda Miller

Elisabete Balcavage

Milo Lilja

Berenice Rendon

Katya Bess

Darcy Schroder

Brandy Tinney

Emily Shroom

Karen Pimblett

Lucy Gregg

Dianna Sowerbrower

Trish the Dish

Sharette Brown

Louise Mann

Kay Mowat

Christin Myhre

Robin Bogle

Sharon Brown

Sharman DeLuca

Melissa Varga

Tanja Charles

Kathy Gillion

Kezzla Brown

Leanne Hanmer =


Ashley Murphy

Celina Matthews

Anita Blake

Patricia Buno

Deanna Fosnaugh

Pam Hicks

Shelley Mimi Bo

Cindye Wile

Jackie Maunder

Christine Garner



  1. I am doing a happy Thriller Monster dance indeed! LOVE this Katya!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE you hear me! LOVE IT!!!

    1. Yes, I can almost hear you. LOL glad you're having fun hopping along. :)

  2. fantastic layout and love the colours x

  3. Katya, great colors/card, fab coloring and lovin' that poem!

  4. Fantastic card and Im loving the colours x

  5. What a fun card...great colors!

  6. Oh so FABULOUS, love your colors and embellishments... thank you so much for joining in to surprise Betty..


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