Monday, May 16, 2011

Peachy Keen Stamps :: Sketch Challenge 51 w/ a Twist

 Hello Everyone,

Hope everyone is having a great night. I just finished my card to enter at Peachy Keen Stamps :: Sketch Challenge 51 w/ a Twist.
Original PKS Stamp

Just a little doodling and coloring on my note pad and came up with a clown face. 
The more I use PKS face stamps the more my imagination flows.

Here is the girl's face or it could have been a boy with a different hair do.

made a little pair just for fun -the boy I will use for another project

 The little boy clown will go on my nephew's 3rd birthday card. Happy 3rd Birthday Johnathan)
Hopefully he's not scared of clowns

Here's the finished girl "Payasita"

I like how my bug came out

Aww 6x6 card itsn't big enough for it to show my bug entirely but it's okay this time.

Look who is peeking...

Another shot of the finished card
The card is for my friend Nancy -one of her nicknames is "Payazita" she spells it different but that's my girl :)

Whew I barely made it to posting on PKS site.
Hope you like it. Thank you very much for visiting.

Crafty hugs and wishes

Your crafty friend,

Katya Bess


  1. This is so darn cute! I love it! Such a creative way to do the face! Thanks for joining the PK challenge!

  2. Those are adorable! I don't understand those who are freaked out by clowns.

    Thanks for the comment on the blog made me laugh. :)


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