Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Thank you: Nursery Nurse

Hello Everyone!

Hope all is well. Here's another challenge and partnership of new sponsors sites for J.D.E. this week we are are introducing Bugaboo Stamps which are created by Jodie. Jodie is a mom of 5 and has been designing graphics for 9 years. She has many types of stamps from babies to special causes to animals to sexy and to cranky old people (I meant that in the funny way no disrespect to old people teehee.) 

I made this card specifically for the Nursery Nurses. All of my children were born early and there has been no explanations on why except the last one which the doctors think it may have been due to dehydration. Who knows but at the N.I.C.U. the nurses were Nurturing, Understanding, Remarkable, Sweet and Efficient. 

This is my showcase for Bugaboo Stamp: Eggbert Nurse 2

The sketch is for this weeks optional/anything goes challenge at http://jacksonsdigitalexpressions.blogspot.com/

I believe it was also using 3 colors. 
My main colors of course were yellow and then  pink and blue for acccents.
I had this card "almost" done and then I didn't like the designer paper I had previously chosen so I hand drew baby feet like the receiving blankets at the hospital. I also drew them on the baby egg.
I also, didn't have ribbon wide enough so I glued 3 ribbons to make a wider looking ribbon matching the baby's blanket.  
For the sentiment I just used my printer and spellbinders... came up with a few words for each letter in the word NURSE. This would be a great card for a "surprise baby," since it's not gender specific.

Hope you liked the card and enjoyed your visit. 


-Katya Bess


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