Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day Box Swap!

Hi Everyone! Happy Valentine's & Happy Friendship Day!

Today we finally get to show our goodies from our "All Hearts Altered Wine Bottle Box Swap." My buddy is Vanessa Bland. When I got my buddy name I was excited because she seems like such a fun person and I can have more fun creating something but then I also thought what to get this woman??? I had no clue. What I did was stalked and stalked her Facebook page even her husband's page... am I a weirdo or what? LOL but I have a healthy and clean valid reason... or at least is what I keep telling myself.... you'll see.  Okay... if you'd like to see everyone who participated in this swap please start at
SBS Blog

Here is the card I made for Vanessa. 
Vanessa has purple hair and on her Facebook page she has this rainbow outfit. LOL 
She's not very girly so I gave her black wings and tried not to make the card a fufu.
I had so much fun coloring this image. Thank you so much Betty for letting us have this image. :)

This is the card Vanessa made for me. :) Love the coloring and its a big card! I love that!

Here are all of my goodies!!! WWWOOOWWW!!! Crafty Goodies overload!!!! :D
 I can't wait to be able to sit down and make something!
She even gave me a rubber ducky (not pictured) that My Baby Daenerys took off with. LOL 
It's so cute and it lights up. 

Thank you Vanessa! I love ALL of my goodies! You sure know how to spoil a crafty girl! LOL
Now this is the rest of the stuff I got for Vanessa. 
She stated she loved Jack Skellington so I made sure I got something with that. 
Here is the wine box I decorated.
 Found a cute little chocolate box and those nail tattoos. LOL
Okay this is the reason I stalked Vanessa's page... 
So I can draw her and her hubby ask Jack Skellington & Sally.
Plus since it's for Valentine's day... why not make it a love theme. heehee.
Hope you like it :)

Carmen Shannon ( no blog ) ^ ^ ^

Thanks for looking,

Katya Bess


  1. LOVE the tie dye dress! Both exchange gifts are completely amazing!!! Making notes for future swaps ~ Katya - BEADS, Vanessa - CLAY ~ . The feet on the red wine box are such a good idea!!!

  2. omg WOW, what awesome goodies... Fab job Vanessa...

  3. I was so excited when I got your name as my partner. I have to admit that I did a bit of stalking too so I guess we are even. LOL I am so glad you liked the things I picked for you and can't wait to see what you create with them. I had so much fun being swap partners with you Katya! Thanks again for my box. ❤

  4. Goodness! Lots and lots of great stuff! What is that jack mold? I want it! lol

  5. Oh my goodness what amazing gifts you exchanged with each other and i so love how you did the picture of them both like that amazing! You both have loads to play with now and to admire lol


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