Friday, June 13, 2014

Corinne's Girly Swap 2014

Hey Hey!

Hope everyone is doing well.  Today is the big day that we're showing off our swap goodies. Yay!
You should be coming right over from  Sam Slater's blog. If not use the blog hop list at the very bottom as your guide.

Okay, yy swap buddy is Tanja Charles I was happy to get her 'cause well she is really a friend that I get to chat with almost everyday. LOL Sometimes is just to check up on each other sometimes is silly randomness but mostly is CRAFTY stuff which is my favorite thing to do. :) Although we chat often.... You know that woman didn't want to tell me what she really wanted until one day along with another buddy BreAnn, we took pictures of our dies and let me tell ya she IS late to the die party (she said so herself).... very very late. LOL jk Tee just teasing. So since she's a good buddy and it's her birthday month I decided to buy her some dies along with other crafty goodies of course.

Still waiting on the mailman for mine though... darn post office.... We love them and we despise them at the same time. LOL So I will have to update my post for ya gals and gents.

"I got a package! I got a package! I got package Hey Hey!!!"
So excited to use these things I don't have that color catch it all for my sprays I only have 4 but 
now I need more... I do really need to start smashing little life things or color combos. LOL
Tanja made the colorful beads. Can't wait to use the glitter and everything else. 

Thank you so much for my crafty goodies. 
Tanja got me these crafty goodies.

Anyway here is the card I made. I used Copic and Copic Atyou pens to color her. I used just click on the link and you'll find her there.

The Paper and the brad is from Bo Bunny: Isabella Collection.  I tried to color the image to sort of match the papers or as close as I could with my limited Copic collection. I used roses from my stash... well from Orchid Crafts. The dies are from La La Land Crafts and from My Creative Time. 

This is what I got for her.  A few things I didn't have myself so I got doubles and some things I wanted but it was the LAST. Is that baaaaad to get things for myself too or what? Good thing it was my own money and not my Hubby's or he would wrung my neck. LOL jk... 
he supports me in my crafting... or so he says....  I beg to differ much of the time.

I tissue wrapped everything for the swap in WHITE
and the one BLUE one is for her birthday... not for the swap\ or swap hop.

This is what I got for Tanja

1.Betty Roberts
 2. Corinne Jones
 3. Anita Blake
4. Tanja Charles
5. Jackie Randolph
6.  Melissa Varga
7. Darcy Schroeder
8. Rochelle Ayris
9.  Debbie Miller
10. Helen Smith
11. Jackie Rakoski-Diediker
12. Erin Stephenson
13. Sam Slater
14. Katya Bess (you're here)

Thank you so much for visiting. 

Katya Bess


  1. Holy moly that's a lot of fun in one box! I can't see your photo of your card :)

  2. OMG, WOW what an awesome goody box

  3. Great fun to be had!!! I buy stuff for other people that I would like to get, too!! Looks like Tanja knows you well!!

  4. Fun, fun! Glad your package arrived safely. :)


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