Friday, May 8, 2015

SBS DT: What's Your Sign?

Hey Everyone!

Hope all is well with everyone! First, I would like to say Happy Teacher's Appreciation Week and Happy Mother's Day to all the lovely mothers.  :)

Okay on to the post, so what's your sign? LOL I remember growing up I would watch Walter Mercado give out the daily horoscope or at least Monday through Friday on Primer Impacto a Spanish television show... it was all silly but I watched it everyday religiously and there was no DVR to pause and rewind so if we missed what he said oh well. LOL Then in high school the students or at least all of the seniors would get the local newspaper for free so we always read our daily horoscopes and it was fun to read your friends' daily readings too... it was all silly but it gave us a good laugh.

I'm not into horoscope stuff anymore but I do love reading or listening to the Ancient Mythologies behind them either Greek or Roman versions. Besides the Big Dipper and Little Dipper I couldn't tell you which constellations I'm looking at unless I've been given a hint or sat there long enough to make little pictures around them. LOL Last year we went to Big Trees in Calaveras County, drove up to a mountain where an astronomer pointed out the stars with a green laser and told us the stories of these constellations and I even got to see the Milky Way. The whole experience was fascinating! Everything in it's natural state is so beautiful.... something we miss out on living in the city-  of course there is beauty in the urban life... but doesn't compare to natural beauty. :)

You can find the entire Zodiac Bettys Bundle here:
or you can just search for the individual images.

Okay on to my cards. I feel like I made them sort of simple but I didn't want to hide the papers. LOL

This is Aries Betty, my sign, I was born April 15th! :)

I colored her with Copic markers.
I used papers from the Stardust Stack by DCWV.
Copics used:

Here is Cancer Betty.
She actually has straight her it's just the way I decided to color her hair makes in different. 
 Same papers used.
I decided to give her an natural afro texture
Colored with Copic markers

 Here you can see the shimmer on her dress and eyelids

Here is Saggittarius Betty.
 Again paper from the same stack.
I noticed that the constellation of Hercules was in this page... and even though it was like smacked in the middle of the page lol I cut it up and will use the scraps for more cards.
The constellation of Sagittarius, a centaur who was a great archer was placed near the Hercules constellation to keep guard of him from Scorpius, the scorpion.

Copics used

Here is a closer look at her face.

I hope you liked my cards.

Thanks for looking and/or commenting. 

Katya Bess


  1. Super job on all of them, love how you did the papers with your images..
    Thank you so much for sharing your color combo's!!

  2. Lovely set of cards Katya.♥

  3. Katya These are just beautiful!! Awesome creations!!

  4. Katya These are just beautiful!! Awesome creations!!

  5. I am so blown away by your creations!

  6. Just wow!
    I am in LOVE with your colouring, and the papers you've chosen to pair with each image are just perfection!
    I'm struggling to pick a favourite from this bunch, I adore them all!!

  7. Katya, you did a really great job with the Zodiacs. Love your colouring and the papers were so apt!!


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