Monday, January 18, 2016

Friendship card with Brittney stamp

Hello Everyone!

A little late than usual... have been busier than normal... and here I thought I was going to get a little break when the kids (2/4) went bak to school. LOL   Just wanted to pop in and show you a card that I worked over the weekend. My kids' Coding teacher was the inspiration for the way I made the hair on the image. She has a different hairstyle now but before the Holiday/Christmas break she had Gucci braids. This stamp in particular has nice chunky sections of hair where it is easier for beginners to color but if you're not so much a beginner like myself... I also took the freedom to make them into braids... Gucci braids. :P

Here is a bit of my process:
First stamp with Memento Desert Sand
Then trace/outline with a black Copic Multiliner over the eyelash line and the eyelashes
(try to be careful to keep the artist's lines)
Now if you stamp this in black or a darker color the iris will be all black 
or whatever color you chose to stamp and it will be just a big pupil. 
It's cute either way but since I used Desert Sand I am 
able to personalize the iris color and just fill in a smaller pupil.
Don't forget the inside of the mouth will be dark as well.
Then I used a Sepia Copic Multiliner to add in braids but
I wasn't very maticulous with the braid shapes as long
as you can clearly see that they are braids and that they weren't too skinny.

Next you can color the way you want but
for me I use the main color of the skin as a light first layer.
(Here you can see the hair sections a little clearer I just outlined or traced over them.)

Just as in applying make-up you want to contour your face to give it dimension.
You can proceed on to adding more light layers until happy with your results
before you press the color onto the paper. 

Here is my completed card.
(please excuse my lighting it was night time and it was a little... meh when I took the picture)
The scalloped rectangle card is from SVG Cutting Files here is the link with those card bases
The dies are from My Creative Time.
The paper is from Prima Marketing Lyric Collection
I hope you liked my card and teeny weeny tutorial. 

I hope you all have a great 
Martin Luther King Jr. Day!
I'm planning to take my kids to the Richmond Greenway
where every year there is a collaborate effort from the community
to celebrate Martin Luther King National Day of Service.
It's a little late in the day for us but we're still going.

Catch up with you all later!
Thank you for looking. 
Katya Bess

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